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Happy International Women’s Day!

This is dedicated for my beautiful daughter, Milan.


Happy International Women’s day!  I believe that this day is very important, because as women we do not get the type of acknowledgement that we deserve.  As women, we carry many hats and endure alot! As women, we should empower each other, support each other, respect each other, and love each other.  We all share many struggles in our careers,  as mothers, as wives, as sisters, as daughters and as friends. Because of our common bonds, I believe that we should lean in and support each other. I think it’s very important to not compare ourselves to one another. We should only look to others as inspiration. When we compare ourselves we only allow negative feelings to creep in which will only bring us down. Each and one of us are very different in that individually we have different talents, gifts, goals, ambitions, make, model, size, and all of the above. Because of this we have our own ideas and understanding of success. My view on success may different from your personal views on success. And each one should cherish their own goals and success.  Success isn’t easy. It takes time to achieve and typically there’s struggles to achieve it. No one really understand or can relate with the struggle other than the person who walks it. So With all these factors in mind, we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others but rather we should cheer each other on, and pick each other up when we are low. Doing this will not only help each other, but it will boost your own moral and help you feel great!

I have had my own share of many past hard struggles that I have overcame these past several years. I’ve lost my precious son Maddox at 19 days of age to a birth defect called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH). Babies with this diagnose,  have a 50 percent survival rate. 🙁 Several months later I was pregnant with my daughter Milan. At 17 weeks I found out she had the same birth defect CDH. I’ve never cried so much and so long in my life. Year 2011 – 2012 was extremely traumatic.  Carrying another baby for another 9 months knowing that she too may not survive is heartbreaking.  Milan was born the following year in April. She stayed in Level 3 NICU for the next 5 and half months in Houston. She overcame many other complications and she came home!!! With Jehovah’s help, and the love from her parents she is doing great!!! She’s about to be 5 year old next month. Milan is extremely, positive, sweet, sassy,  happy and healthy. She’s such a strong princess warrior. She truly inspires me every day! Not only that but being a business owner and gaining confidence in it and all the responsibility that comes with it can be overwhelming. I’ve worked long and very hard on my business. Balancing being a Wife, Mom and the other 20 hates that I wear can be challenging but I’m doing it! I’ve continued to be strong for myself and my family. These are just few to mentioned but I feel that it’s important to share my experiences with you, so you can feel empowered and to see that everyone has their own struggles, but you can overcome them. All my struggles made me strong and the women I am today.

You have to believe in yourself, work hard, be patient, Be humble, be positive, have faith, have an amazing support system, and know that you are strong! Count all your blessings and know that you are beautiful and AMAZING! I want you to know you can do anything and be anything your heart desires!

I think being a woman is beautiful!  Happy International Women’s day to all the beautiful women out there!




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