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Hi! My name is Jenny Torry. As long as I can remember, I’ve had a deep passion for art etched in my heart since childhood. And makeup and hair artistry has been no exception!

My diverse background and experience synergize to create a unique style where I can bring out the natural beauty of my subjects, regardless of ethnicity or age. And I am keenly aware of each of my client’s preferences through my discerning questions. The end result: my clients receive the look they want and, most importantly, look beautiful. My goal is for every client to be fully satisfied with her complete makeover.

I specialize in bridal make up  and hair styling along with photographic makeup. Receiving a makeover is not only about looking good, but looking fantastic throughout the whole day. My aim is to make you feel great for your special day and, most importantly, make you look beautiful in the photos that you will look back at for many years to come.

I will listen to every question you may have and suggest the best way to go about making you up, whether you want a heavy traditional makeover or that subtle elegant look. I eagerly look forward to hearing from you.



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